Monday, January 26, 2009

My Mother Told Me Never to Talk to Strangers.

You should never talk to strangers. Ever. There is so much to loose by interacting with someone that you dont know. Honestly, anything could happen. Anything from the very best to the very worse. But really, why take the chance? You could loose, you know.

To be fully alive is to be aware of the risks yet make the choices anyways. It is to accept the possiablity that failure may result. It is to recognize that the possiability yet actively gaze past to the opportunity which presents itself. And this is to be done simultaniously with holding your own values and morals in a place which is improved by your choices rather than supressed by them. It is up to noone but ourselves to secure that despite outward stimuli, we maintain not only our own sense of self, but the representation of our self through our own outward actions. If we find ourselves inadaquetly altered by various variables, an ususual challenge presents itself.

It becomes complex as our natural human resistance to change may be the sole culprit of the discomfort. Dramatic changes which alter our state of consciousness, also may shift our perceptions of ourselves, can cause the same off-center feeling. So while it may be our intuition telling us something is wrong for us, it may also just be our human selves getting in the way. We have a knack of doing that. Finding out our own individual truth is the first difficut step followed by a close second. Having the courage to correct what we believe is right can be more heartbreaking than we ever could have preconceived. Every person and siduation effects us differently and up to us to be the ground control. Theoretically it would be easier if we didnt talk to strangers; if we didnt step outside of our boxes. But me, I think that I'll prefer the view.

What about you? Do you talk to strangers?

Monday, September 22, 2008


To be human, is to have needs. And to be vulnerable, is to not have those needs met. But where is the barrier in which the desire to fulfill our needs overtakes our mindset of rational thought and peace of mind? To whom are we denying benefit to when we make the choice to give into our needs or to push them aside? Are all needs, good needs? First we must consider what a need is, why it exists, and what happens in the reaction to fulfill them. Simply, a need occurs naturally in our bodies to express something required for survival, or physical/emotional well being. Although, we must note that something we desire or "need" may help us in one area (for instance smoking a cigarette) but harm us in another area (helps some stabilize emotionally, yet physically harms us). So in those cases, it would be necessary to weight the severity of each of the needs and determine what is more important. Needs exist for many different reasons. Our need for food stems from our natural goal of survival. But let's say that maybe someones desire to have food comes not from the need to survive physically, but the desire to combat one's feelings suppressed emotionally. Now, all of the sudden, a once beneficial need for food turns into a mask for fear of dealing with the true issue, and ultimately harms, rather than benefits one's physique. The question we must ask ourselves, is if exercises was turned to instead of the tendency to over-eat, would this supplement for our emotional outcry be sufficient? And if you were in this position, would you be as motivated to deal with your emotional issues if you turned to eating rather than exercises? Because I know that if I rigorously exercised to cope with my emotional problems, and reaped the benefits of a great body, I wouldn't be as rushed to "fix" my emotional needs. So then we must ask ourselves if it is correct under any circumstances, to find alternate, evasive methods of dealing with problems. Dealing with a problem incorrectly yet is in some way beneficial, is still dealing with the true problem incorrectly. Finally we must consider what happens when we attempt to fulfill our needs. What happens when we sacrifice our self, or our well being in some area, to fulfill a need elsewhere? Then we will have fulfilled one need, yet sprouted another. Would you call this successful? And also, what happens when we cannot fill our needs? Sometimes, they grow. The desire to find fulfillment increases, and so does our possibly irrational behavior in attempt to find solutions. And maybe that's not all of us. But society demonstrates that as the intensity of the need increases, the more limitless one becomes in determination to find a solution. We see it in politics. Small problem, and the governments find a equally small, rational solution (usually!). But its the bigger problems that we have trouble with. When the need expands, so does the possibility to consider irrational solutions in attempt to close a hole seemingly too big for rational thought. It is here where we compromise humanity, for progress. And we are too happy with ourselves to realize that what is irrational will never be a competent solution. Here in lies the downfall of our past and present problems in the government. The seemingly increasing need for a solution allows us to accept any solution we come across. So conclusively, the way we choose to fill our needs can heighten the area of our life which the need stemmed from, or dig the rabbit hole deeper than it ever was. Ultimately the choice is yours.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Alright, lets recap and then move on!

Hey all,

The party went amazing. It was a total sucess and I'm so glad that everybody was able to make it. It was truly a day that I'll never forget.

I encourage anybody who had some remarkable experiances to share them and continue to live your truths every day. I've already gotten some amazing comments from people and invite others to speak about the day.

On a different note...

Now that I have a blog, but no party to comment on, I think that I'll now use this space for my own personal writings. The people that origionally knew about this space, were those who I thought were special enough to be invited to my comming of age. Those are the people I hope will some day read this and then tell someone else about something that maybe they liked or that resonated with them. And who knows, maybe other poeple will get to read this too sooner or later.

So for now, I'll just part with a few words of wisdom.

Do what makes your heart skip a beat
Dare to do something that you've never done before
If something is wrong, think harder next time
if something is right, ponder why it is so
never stop asking questions
NEVER stop letting people into your life
keep your heart open to all
And last but not least,

Light and love,
Chelsea Rae

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Hey everybody,

I'm sorry its been so long since my last update. Right now, my dad and I are working restlessly to get these invitations out to you as soon as possiable. We should be sending them out tommorow so expect them around this weekend:)


The workshop portion of the celebration starts at 11AM. It will end around 5:30pm and snacks will be served while the rest of the guests arrive at 6pm. Everybody at the workshop will stay for the firewalk. Periodic snacks will be served for the workshop, and a large dinner will be served after after the ceremony of the firewalk.

And, there is no definite end time. We will not go past midnight, but depending how good the dance is going, we arent planning on stopping the party if everybody is having fun.

Finally, one important note:

Everybody who is interested will have the oportunity to talk for a bit. Whether its about something you enjoyed at the workshop, or about an interesting story with me, or whatever. So come ready (but its totally optional!!)

Sending love always,


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Monday, January 28, 2008